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Site-specific installation (2021), Zip Friction, Bergen Kjøtt

Plastic, acrylic binder, interior painting medium, pigment, yarn, cellophane tape, light poles

ZIP Friction

For 3 weeks, artists studying in the first-year Fine Art Masters program (MA1) at KMD have been taking over Bergen Kjøtt for a collaborative residency that resulted in an exhibition open to the public from 15-19 May.

Like a zip, the artists have had to find their own place in the group, the system, and the exhibition. They’ve had to negotiate the frictions of the process, to bring together separate ideas and make them into one. In a year defined by distance and being apart, the project is rooted in a desire to find ways to come together and know each other: what do we want to learn, what do we have to offer and how do we involve each other?

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