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I'm a queer visual artist and poet living in Bergen (NO), working from a deep interest in abstract painting, and expanding to include drawing, text, photography, sculpture and installation. I mainly create nonfiguratively, with attention to detail, and with an expressive vocabulary ranging between transparency and opacity. On a personal level my work has developed to be an exercise in finding the connections between the wordlessly fleeting qualities of my work and my queer gender identity. Through abstraction I distance the work from the recognisable form, and embrace the aesthetics of awkwardness, struggle, nonsense and contingency. I want my work to urge us to consider the in-between and changeable as a core component of survival. 

– Runa Halleraker (b. 1995, Trondheim, NO) 

Contact , for sales, commissions, collaborations and other inquiries.







  • 2022 – fem tusen og fem – Special Edition, produced by Nayara Leite, curated by Daniela Ramos Arias, in collaboration with Skeiv Arkiv, supported by HordalandKunstsenter
  • 2021 – With Our Hearts in Our Mouths, edited by Marion Bouvier
  • 2021 – Om Berøring, edited by Trude Berg
  • 2020  Bøygen 3-4/20 Politikk
  • 2020 – ODD GROWTH , exhibition catalogue
  • 2019  The Artist and The Muse, 44 pages, 34 x 50 cm, self published
  • 2018  Everything is Connected in Life, 28 pages, 14,8 x 21 cm, self published
  • 2018  Practicing Identity #1 , exhibition catalogue
  • 2017  Porer på månen, 26 unstitched pages, 37,5 x 52 cm, self published 
  • 2016  Uncertain States Scandinavia #3 
  • 2016  Den tørre humla i vinduskarmen, 34 pages, 20x14cm, hand made, self published 
  • 2015  Perler, zine, 84 pages, 21x26cm, self published



  • 2023 – Atelier for nyutdannede kunstnere, CS55
  • 2022 – Etableringsstipend for nyutdannede kunstnere, Bergen Kommune
  • 2022 – KMD’s USF Studio Residency (September 2022 – August 2023)
  • 2022 –Diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere, Kulturrådet
  • 2018  Material support, Trafo
  • 2016  Exhibition support, Trondheim strakstiltak for kunst & kultur

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